Classy Lips
Natural Classy Fuller Plumper Lips
Classy Lips
Natural Classy Fuller Plumper Lips
A Special Technique in Designing the Shape of the Lips by Using Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
One of the signature treatments at Classy Clinic is the non-surgical filler Hyaluronic Acid procedure. Hyaluronic Acid or HA filler is used to lift up the lip's edges. It is designed for individuals who desire the horn-chestnut-shaped, and fuller lips. This non-surgical technique does not require a long recovery time as the pain is minimized. In addition, there is no scars. The position of the mouth on face is as important as any other facial features. At Classy Clinic we have received a lot of positive feedback and compliments from our patients. Many patients said that they look a lot better after receiving the treatment. It is very important for the doctor to design the shape of the mouth that is suitable for each individual. The right design plays a major part in creating unexpected changes.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Individuals who would like their lips reshaped or who are already satisfied with their own lips but still desire a more prominent shape.
  2. Individuals who wish for a different type of lips.
    – Lifting the edges of the mouth to look more friendly , Cute, sexy, plumper, and fuller lips
  3. Individuals who wish to have lip augmentation.
  4. Individuals whose lips became thinner from aging processes
  5. Individuals who had aesthetic lip surgery or who were in an accident and want their lips reshaped.
    – Fixing or improving mouth shapes, thin lips, lips fibrosis after surgery
  6. Individuals who have had filler lip injection but wish to fix it. In this case the doctor will have to conduct a preliminary estimation if Classy Lips can be carried out straight away or if the filler injected before needs to be broken down by using Hyaluronidase (HYAL) first.

In the post-care processes, a period of time for recovery and results to show may be necessary. This depends on various factors. Each individual has different reactions after a surgery or filler lip injection. The substances use, the techniques or skills of the doctors also play an important part in the patient’s recovery. At Classy Clinic we have nurses who constantly provide information and follow-ups on the patients’ symptoms. The doctor also checks on the patient’s conditions daily.

At Classy Clinic we would like our patients to understand the following preliminary procedures.

  1. Every doctor has different techniques including substances or products used in carrying out a treatment. Therefore, it is very important for the patient to consult with their doctor first or to ask for any information relating to their treatment with our consultant team prior to receiving a treatment.
  2. If the patient wishes to fix or add more filler, this can be done at least two weeks after the first injection.
  3. If the patient wants Classy Clinic to take care of their lips after having a lip surgery, this can be carried out at least 1-3 months after the surgery. However, it is necessary that the doctor examines the patient again to see if they are absolutely ready for any treatments.

Classy Clinic has a special technique in reshaping lips. In case a patient’s lips are already full and plump, Classy Lips helps design different shapes of your lips by using the HA filler to increase or decrease the volume of your lips. However, a lip surgery may be needed if the patient desires really thin lips.

Lip Surgery

A lip surgery has limitations. There are some cases where it is impossible to perform a lip surgery if the patient’s lips are too thin. Such surgery may be the cause of not-completely closed lips as they naturally become thinner with age. In addition, a lip surgery can also cause permanent scars.

HA filler lip injection

HA filler lip injection does not create any scar. Instead it helps shaping and adding volume to your lips as desired. The recovery period is much shorter. Types of fillers used in an injection determines the plumpness and durability of the shape of the lips. Moreover, there is a lesser chance of having a side effect in the long run. Nonetheless, the filler has limitations in case a patient wants thinner lips.

Things You Should Know About Natural Classy Fuller Plumper Lips
After Treatment

Swelling of bruising can occur between the first 3-7 days after the treatment.


Full results can be fully noticed within 2 weeks.


Avoid any compression or massage in the lips and mouth areas.


Stay away from having hot food or any major impact in the lips and mouth areas.