Classy Retreat
Flawless Facial Skin
Classy Retreat
Flawless Facial Skin
Facial skin detox, relaxing massage, softer facial skin, and skin nourishment enriched with concentrated vitamins
Classy Retreat focuses on repairing the wear and tear parts of the skin while helping to detoxify the body. The treatment strengthens a patient’s skin barriers to combat with pollution. The skin becomes flawlessly beautiful and healthy.
Things You Should Know About Flawless Facial Skin
Procedures of the Treatment

Facial cleansing is performed to detoxify to cleanse pollution off the skin surface.


Relaxing reflexology massage conducted in circulation in lymph nodes areas helps tired skin to become stronger and flawless.


Tightens the skin with cool face to make your skin clear and fresh.


Facial mask with concentrated extracts to add supplements to strengthen the skin.


IV DRIP helps restore the skin from the inside out and helps create brighter and better physical health.