Facial Features Adjustment
Facial Features Adjustment
The Only Type of Filler that is Standardized in Thailand is the HA (Hyaluronic) Filler
This type of filler can be dissolved naturally by our body. The HA filler is sterile and does not cause migration. A large number of patients, with or without any knowledge of whether or not the types of fillers injected in their bodies are standardized may have experienced problems such as inflammation, infection, sagging, and facial deformation. This can lead to long-term side effects that may not be solved. Therefore, it is imperative to do some research and check with the doctor before deciding to receive any services so that you can be beautiful and safe.
The HA Filler that is Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The HA Filler which is approved by the FDA is produced with aseptic processes. It is packed in sterilized packaging, so once it is opened the doctor should use it all. The HA filler should not be stored for later use due to the risk of inflammation or infection. The factors that affect the safety and beauty when using the filler depend on 2 important reasons:

1. The products used must be approved by the Thai FDA. Moreover, the patient should be able to request details of the products. The product must be checked and the production number should also be provided. The patient can also ask if they can take the product back home after receiving service

2. To achieve safety and desired results, the doctor is a very important factor. The doctor must have knowledge and experiences in selecting the right products and injection techniques to minimize any risks that might happen.
Frequently Asked Questions

The HA Filler is a type of temporary derma filler that is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial folds, and to create structure, framework, and volume to the face and lips. In addition, it can also be injected at other areas of the body such as the back of the hands caused by aging processes.


The HA filler injection offers minimal pain, less swelling, and after the procedure, the patient can return to their day without having to take any recovery time.

There are 2 types of HA Filler that are; The HA filler that is mixed with anesthetic and the HA filler that is not mixed with anesthetics. The latter type will give you a feeling of comfort as you feel less painful. There are many brands that offer standardized HA Filler in Thailand. The doctor would decide which types of the filler is suitable to be injected in different areas of the patient’s body. Different types of fillers have different qualities, for example, the HA filler concentration, gel’s hardness, longevity of the filler, and various techniques used in production processes.

There are many reasons why patients experience these symptoms. Fillers that are not up to the required standards may cause such side effects. Other factor includes the choices the doctor who performs the treatment makes in using inappropriate fillers and techniques.

  1. The solution to this problem, however, can still be found. The patient should consult with the doctor for a diagnosis of the previous filler injection. The examination should be carried out to see if the fillers are up to the required standards. The doctor will then make a decision of how to fix the problems, for example, a cocktail filler may be necessary prior to having the HA filler injection.
  2. If the doctor determines that the previously injected fillers meet the requirements but the patient wishes for them to be removed, Hyaluronidase can be utilized to dissolve the filler without having to go through any surgery. This process requires no surgery nor recovery time.

ฟิลเลอร์ที่เป็น HA Fillerสามารถสลายออกได้ด้วยเอนไซม์ Hyaluronidase โดยไม่จำเป็นต้องผ่าตัดหรือขูดเอาออก จึงสามารถสลายได้โดยไม่จำเป็นต้องพักฟื้นหรือมีแผลจากการผ่าตัด

Filler Fat Transfer

  1. Filler fat transfer uses our own fat cell in removing fat from one part of the body and reinject in into another. It is, therefore, absolutely safe and will not cause any allergies.
  2. After a filler fat transfer is conducted and the fat cells stay connected with adjacent tissues, it becomes a part of our body and it is long-lasting.
  3. Filler fat transfer provides a natural look. It can be injected at different areas of the body to reconstruct skin structure. It also has less limitations when compared to HA filler injection.
  4. Filler fat transfer helps reconstruct the skin cells under the surface of our skin, which results in healthier and more youthful looking skin.
  5. Filler fat transfer is many times more worthy than filler injections in terms of price and longevity of the results.
  6. Patients may experience pain in the areas where fat cells are harvested. The process requires longer recovery time.
  7. Filler fat transfer should be carried out by doctors with extensive experiences in fat transfer for the best possible results.

HA Filler Injection

  1. HA filler injection procedure requires less time to conduct. Patients receive minimized pain. There is no downtime after the procedure.
  2. The processes of the HA filler injection are less complicated.
  3. HA filler injection uses a foreign substance which is synthesized outside of our bodies. Therefore, allergic reactions and other side effects may occur.
  4. Different types of fillers provide dissimilar periods of the fillers’ longevity.
  5. The cost of HA filler injections can run higher that fat transfer. The price of a filler injection goes up hand-in-hand with the amount of the filler.
  6. There are more limitations when compared to the fat transfer.
  • Filler injection is a perfect choice for a patient who only wishes to fix 1-2 spots on their face as it takes less time and is very convenient.
  • On the contrary, if a patient has never had any filler injection before or if the patient desires to add more volume and fill up appearances of lines and wrinkles and does not want to go back to the clinic constantly, fat transfer is the best and the worthiest option.