Facial Fat Transfer
Facial Fat Transfer
A Technique that Helps Facial Structural Adjustment
to the Top Layer of the Skin by Using the Patient’s Own Fat
Doctor June is a specialist with extensive experiences in conducting facial fat transfer for over a decade. Innovative techniques are adopted for the best outcome in collecting, choosing, and transferring of fat cells. The key factor of ReFace is the design of facial reconstruction. The design must be in line with each patient. Classy Clinic emphasizes on the individuality and uniqueness of our patients. We strongly believe that everyone is different in their own unique ways, therefore, their concepts of beauty are not alike.
How Does ReFace Helps Solve Facial Irregularities?
ReFace is a facial adjustment technique that uses your own fat to add shape and volume through the process of facial fat transfer. It helps patients with unproportioned facial structures and helps fix any facial irregularities such as sunken cheeks, flat foreheads, deformed temples, deep under-eyes problems, deep-cheek grooves, and unproportioned facial structures. ReFace, a technique that uses your own fat, allows you to have healthy, glowing, and radiant skin that would naturally make look younger. Moreover, the treatment is absolutely safe and results are long-lasting.
ReFace Makes You Look Younger and is the Solution to All Facial Imperfections
ReFace offers a younger-looking skin by using your own fat to fix problems fix sunken cheeks, flat forehead fix deep visible under-eye problems, deformed temples, and deep-cheek grooves physiognomy imperfections increases chances of fat cells to be in contact with surrounding cells It does not have any side effects ReFace is allergy-free which contributes to a better-looking, smoother skin Collagen is stimulated in this procedure the experienced doctor and registered nurse will be taking care of you throughout the whole process.
What are the 3 Types of ReFace?

The first method is to extract and purify the patient’s fact cells from their body. After that the doctor would bring the extracted and purified fat cells and inject it into the patient’s desired spots. With the state-of-the-art equipment and our doctors’ expertise and experiences, the extracted fat cells would be strong and healthy and will live long enough to be in connection with the surrounding tissues. ReFace solves various facial features, for example, sunken cheeks, deep under-eyes problems, hollowed temples, and deep cheek grooves. It also proportionately and effectively adjusts the patient’s facial features as the extracted fat cells will stay in place unless there are other factors involved.

Stem cell PRP

The second method is a combination of the first method with the stem cell therapy or stem cell Prolotherapy by using the patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to brighten up their skin color, erase wrinkles or scars, tighten pores and facial tissues. This method incredibly offers flawless, youthful skin.

The extracted platelet from our blood is 3-4 times more concentrated than normal blood. In addition, there is a special agent in our platelet called the “Growth Factor” which helps stimulate damaged cells to come back to life.
Stem cell Fat

This method is a complex innovative procedure of mixing stem cells from the blood with those from fat cells. Therefore, the stem cells obtained from this measure are of the best quality and are the purest type. This method is more special than the previous methods in that it can highly increase adhesion percentage of fat cells to surrounding tissues. It is considered the hardest of all the ReFace methods. Therefore, the method requires a skilled doctor who knows important steps to keep the fat and stem cells alive. “Dr. June” can successfully conduct this method and achieve desired results.

This method is perfect for people whose faces have been presented in their daily lives for a long period of time. These people, with deep visible wrinkles, would look 10-20 years younger after the treatment. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary and worthy for this group of people .
Frequently Asked Questions
  • In addition to providing the safest and the most standardized services, Classy Clinic values the significance of “designing” suitable facial adjustment treatments. It is of the utmost importance that the injection is performed at the most appropriate and correct spots so that the patient’s desired beauty is fulfilled. Results of the treatment must be perfect, satisfying, and dimensional.
  • It takes 3-6 months to decide whether or not the injected fat cells are in contact with surrounding tissues. At the end of the third month after the treatment, it is possible to know how effective the injection is and whether or not it fixes facial irregularities. If there is no change to areas that need correction, it can then be decided that the injected fat cells fail to stay in contact with surrounding tissues.

  • The most important factor in an effective ReFace treatment is the doctor’s techniques and expertise. The doctor is required to have extensive experiences in collecting and centrifuging fat cells from the patient. The doctor must master the art of injection and must be able to determine the right amount of injected fat cells in the patient’s body. Furthermore, it is also important to consider how well the fat cells stay in contact with surrounding tissues and whether or not they are in a desired shape for the most effective results skin rejuvenation.

  • At Classy Clinic Dr. June pays a lot of attention to designs of the facial fat transfer. It can be said that the injected fat cells would stay in contact with surrounding tissues with only just one correct injection.

What are the factors that can impact the adhesion of fat cells to surrounding tissues?

It is not only necessary for the doctor to inject the fat cells and make them stay connected to surrounding tissues, but it is also important that the results are long-lasting and the patient’s desires are fulfilled. The first thing a patient needs to do before their treatment is to do a research on their doctor
and their techniques as well as provision of patient care after the treatment.

  • The Doctor’s Experiences and Skills
    The doctor is required to have extensive experiences and necessary skills to effectively extract fat cells. The cells must be healthy and alive in order to be centrifuged with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.
    This process requires the doctor’s attentiveness. In some cases, there are only 20 centrifuged fat cells out of the overall 100 cells.
    It is, as a result, important that the doctor collects enough strong centrifuged fat cells for the patient.
  • Techniques and Injection Process
    This is a very significant matter. The doctor conducting the treatment is required to have good techniques in injecting the right amount of centrifuged fat cells in different layers of the skin so that the cells stay connected to surrounding tissues and that they are in a desired shape.
    Also, the cells must be effective in enhancing and rejuvenating the patient’s skin.
  • The Patient
    Apart from having healthy fat cells, the patient must strictly follow the doctor’s suggestion and take good care of themselves in order to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment results.
Things You Should Know About Facial Fat Transfer
Preparation Prior to the Treatment

Inform the clinic of details about any underlying diseases you might have, medical history, history of drugs / food allergy, or any medication that you take regularly.


Stop taking supplements or any other medications that may cause hemophilia.


Inform the clinic of any facial treatments you have had before, for example, facial thread lifting, filler injections, cocktail fat injections, etc.


Inform the clinic of your history of liposuction or any cocktail fat injections you have had in different parts of the body.

Procedures of the Treatment

The patient should consult with the doctor before the treatment for the best possible outcome.


The doctor and a team of registered nurses would prepare the patient for the treatment by attaching different medical equipment onto the patient’s body to monitor oxygen saturation in blood, heart rate, and pressure throughout the whole process.


All equipment used in every process are sterilized.


The doctor will only inject anesthesia only in the areas where fat cells are needed to be harvested or areas where the injection of fat cells are required. The anesthesiologist will make sure that the patient is put to sleep first.


The doctor will centrifuge fat cells from the patient with a special technique which offers the largest number of healthy stem cells to stimulate skin restoration from the inside out.

After Treatment

Swelling or bruising might occur during the first and second weeks after the treatment. Visible results can be noticed one month after the treatment. Full results will be evident in 3-6 months after the treatment.


The patient is strongly recommended to stop doing any exercises within one week after the treatment. Light and easy workouts can be carried out if that particular exercise does not affect the dissolvement of fat.


The patient is strongly recommended to avoid losing weights especially within the first three months after the treatment.


The patient is recommended not to apply any compression to the face.


The patient is recommended to stay away from massaging their face.


The patient is recommended to avoid any facial treatments that go deep to the fat layer.


The patient must strictly follow the doctor’s suggestion and only apply compression in the areas that the liposuction is performed.